Migration and Struggle in Greece

Briefing on the 18 refugees to be deported from Chios island.

Posted by clandestina on 29 November 2010

The 18 under deportation refugees (from Turkey, Iraq and Iran) remain in the detention rooms of Chios police station. Two of them are 2 Turkish nationals and have submitted political asylum applications. Amongst the rest, there are refugees with recognized from the UNHCR refugee status.
We expect any day now a new effort from the police to deport them to the opposite Turkish coast.
On Saturday 27 November an all-night demonstration (until 7 am Sunday morning) was held outside Chios port authority, demanding the refugees’ direct release. The rally had a big impact on the local society. Many people gathered in front of the port authority during the protest (which lasted 10 hours), trying to prevent the deportation.
Immigrant support organizations, political and social collectives and political parties have expressed their opposition to the government’s decision for direct deportations. During the rally, hundreds of protest phone calls, from all over Greece, were made to the Chios police headquarters and the port authority.

(translated form a briefing by “Lathra”, Refugee Solidarity committee – Chios –

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