Migration and Struggle in Greece

Afghan Refugee crushed between 2 trucks in Patras, Greece

Posted by clandestina on 29 November 2010

On saturday afternoon, 27th of November, an afghan refugee of 24 years old, father of 3 children, was crushed between 2 trucks during his effort to climb in one of them and leave for Italy. This happened in the national road Patras-Korinthos (in Greece).
According to  the “Group for solidarity to refugees and immigrants”, the 24 year old man with other afghan refugees were trying to enter in a truck while the last one was stopped in front of a traffic light. Behind it there was another truck and his driver tried to push away the refugees by honking and approached the truck in front of him. The afghan did not manage to escape and was severely injured. He was transfered to the hospital of Patras where he passed away after 5 hours. The police characterised the incident as a slight accident and the driver was released instead of standing trial.
Today afternoon there will be a demonstration in a central square of Patras against this decision.
A lot of refugees in Patras, try to climb and hide in trucks that leave the port of Patras with destination ports of Italy. Some of the refugees die of suffocation inside the boat, others suffer accidents like the one stated before.
As long as the borders are closed, there will be people dying during their effort to cross them. Dublin regulation must be abolished and europeen borders must open.

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