Migration and Struggle in Greece

Sans papiers immigrants sewed their lips together at a prison in Volos, central Greece

Posted by clandestina on 25 November 2010

Thursday 25 November, 2010

Four sans papiers immigrant prisoners sewed their lips together with needle and thread at the Kassaveteia Prisons near Volos, central Greece, protesting their prolonged and completely unjustified imprisonment, while another three refused their meals.

In the last fourteen months, all seven of them, together with another 25 Somalis, Afghanis and Palestinians, have been pushed from one prison to another, after they were arrested for the sole crime of illegally entering the country. Their release is pending while the deportation is also being legally processed.

A month ago, 32 sans papiers immigrants were transferred to the Kassaveteia prisons. Though they have committed no crime and have not faced trial, they are being held captive and are being deprived their liberty and basic rights. The four sans papiers who decided to sew their lips together, as well as the three who refuse to eat, are protesting both their upcoming deportation, as well as their prolonged detention behind bars. According to certain sources, more sans papiers immigrants held in Greek prisons, are planning to take action.

One Response to “Sans papiers immigrants sewed their lips together at a prison in Volos, central Greece”

  1. talaourar said

    mon fils agé 21 ans ete a corfou avec 4 copins .en decembre 2010 ils sont monté sur un zodiac direction italy .les un disent qu.ils sont noyés les autres disent arretés .je voudrais avoir de ses nouvelle .une maman triste.merci

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