Migration and Struggle in Greece

Greece: 4 immigrants found dead in a truck trailer

Posted by clandestina on 23 November 2010

November 23, 2010. The bodies of four sans-papiers immigrants, believed to be from Iran, were found in an abandoned truck trailer parked in the Amfilohia region of western coastal Greece. The bodies were discovered after police examined the timber transporting trailer, which had been abandoned in the city entrance and left detached from the truck, considering its presence suspicious.
In the interior of the trailer were wooden boxes, one of which contained the four dead bodies, while the others were empty and may possibly have also hidden undocumented migrants that fled the scene.

According to the doctors, the immigrants died before two or three days. The truck was obviously transporting sans-papiers immigrants and the people smugglers either had forgotten the four immigrants in the boxes or they left them there after they realised that the immigrants were dead.

The trailer had Italian licence plates and is believed to have been destined for the western Greek port of Patras in order to board an Italy-bound ferry boat.

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