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Frontex Executive Director signs decision to deploy RABITs

Posted by clandestina on 26 October 2010

Warsaw, 26 October – Today, Frontex Executive Director Ilkka Laitinen signed a decision to deploy Rapid Border Intervention Teams to Greece after a request from Greek authorities.

“Frontex stands ready to assist Greece by activating the RABIT mechanism in this urgent and exceptional situation in order to augment Greece’s national efforts to deal with this problem” he said.

Staff from the newly-opened Frontex Operational Office based in Piraeus have already arrived at the Greek-Turkish border to make an initial assessment of requirements. Frontex has contacted all Member States and Schengen Associate Countries to check the availability of the officers and is waiting for reply.

Frontex has also today sent an additional group of operational and analytical experts from its Warsaw HQ to Greece in order to begin development of an operational plan. The operational plan includes a detailed risk analysis, as well as defining the number and expertise of the officers to be deployed, length of the operation, and the type and amount of technical equipment necessary cover operational needs.

When the RABIT operation deploys, it will integrate the activities within POSEIDON land, sea as well as the ATTICA Frontex joint operations which are currently ongoing in Eastern Greece.

“The fact that we already have ongoing joint operations in Greece, will help us significantly in gaining the situational awareness that is so vital for effective operations” he concluded.

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