Migration and Struggle in Greece

Athens: riot police violently attack migrants after demonstration

Posted by clandestina on 9 October 2010

The attack happened a bit after the main demonstration had ended. The demonstration was organized after recent fascist attacks in the neighborhood. Fascists were hiding during the protest. But when the demonstration ended, riot police did the fascists’ job…

On their way back a group of 50 Afghans and a few Greeks was suddenly attacked by two dozens of police. Riot police wanted to give the Afghans a lesson, so they suddenly just started beating them, blindly attacking a group of demonstrators. The first Afghans attacked fell to the ground from the beatings and were arrested thereafter for unknown reasons. Most people ran away, but at least 10 people were injured – some of them badly. Among them were also minors. One of them had to be brought to hospital, while there were rumours that another Afghan had been attacked by fascists near St. Nicholaos with a metal pipe. His leg was broken in two places…

Read more (& more pictures) here

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