Migration and Struggle in Greece

Iranian hunger strikers granted asylum status

Posted by clandestina on 30 August 2010

A government statement Monday said all six men, two of whom had refused food since July 19, were given political asylum.

Given the imminent threat to the health and lives of Iranian asylum seekers continued hunger strike in front of the Office of the High Commissioner of UNHCR, the Ministry of Civil Protection has decided yesterday to activate the Appeal Board for the accumulated applications provided by Presidential Decree 81/2009, “on humanitarian grounds and very exceptional”, despite the government’s steadfast position that the current asylum procedure is impractical, ineffective and outdated.

Only about four in 10,000 applicants are granted asylum, and a backlog of more than 45,000 appeals has built up.

2 Responses to “Iranian hunger strikers granted asylum status”

  1. Hello, I have got bad news: the hungerstrikers wasn’t granted Asylum – the greece Government just said to approve the demand … It seems to me they would want to check the possibility …

  2. […] 14th: 43 days have passed since the day that the greek government promised to grant asylum status to the iranian asylum seekers that were on hunger strike in front of the Office of the High […]

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