Migration and Struggle in Greece

3.7.2010 – Mass deportation transport from Samos detention center

Posted by clandestina on 5 July 2010

50 migrants hade remained in the detention center of Samos.
Last Monday they started a hunger strike requesting their freedom. They striked for 3 days. In the evening of Wednesday 30.06.2010 the guards told them they will be set free.They where taken away with a prisoners’ transport bus. Then, they where separated in groups and sent to different police stations of Samos. The following morning they were reunited again, handcuffed. They were taken to the port. Nobody told them where to.
Finally, they were transported to Pireus and from there to the detention center of Aspropirgos. Among them is a 15 year old minor. His age has been changed from the authorities (police and Frontex) and he is in a bad psychological condition.

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