Migration and Struggle in Greece

Afghan refugees in Greece on the Patissia bomb explosion.

Posted by clandestina on 1 April 2010

Yesterday, Wednesday 31, at 8:00 pm circa 200 Afghan refugees made a silent and peaceful protest in front of the Greek Parliament in Syntagma Square, lighting candles and honouring the 15 year old Afghan refugee’s memory (traditionally) on the third night after his tragic death .  This is a translation of the text calling to the protest. The original text has been posted at  As athens indymedia users have reported this critical text was not reported by mass media and mass circulation newspapers.

Call for a peaceful and silent protest

We choose a silent protest, not because we are not hurt by the unjust and tragic loss of our innocent fellow Afghan, who perished just as bad as he might have perished in Afghanistan, if he had not fled the country with his family. If we choose a silent protest, its not beacuse we are not angry with the state of refugees in Europe in general and especially in Greece. Its not as if we are not angry with the medieval conditions at concentration camps of refugees and immigrants, which entrap our children and our families; its not as if we are not angry with the daily opppressive treatment in the street, in squares, in our homes, in government services for foreigners, for all  we are subjected to for the crime of being refugees.

We choose a silent protest because we respect our fellow man who died, and we protest against the conditions he lived under with his family as refugees. We respect his family, especially his mother, a woman who experiences the shock of the tragic loss of her son and probably the loss of her daughter’s sight. And finally, we respect the Holy Week and Easter holiday period of our fellow citizens in the country that “hosts” us. All those that the corporate media and the government institutions did not observe by ridiculing all human dignity and by encroaching and violating fundamental human and refugee rights respectively.

Najafi family with the tragic loss of their 15 year-old son and the loss of her 11 year old daughter’s sight in the bomb explosion of March 28 in Patissia adds to the long list of victims of the Greek-European inhuman and repressive policy towards economic and political refugees . There is no doubt that the young Afghan refugee Hamidoullah killed in the bomb explosion at Patissia and his little sister who is in danger of losing her sight suffered these due to the lack of asylum system in the country.  We believe that there are political responsibilities, and we urge the Government to assume them to prevent such tragedies of innocent people from happening again.

We wonder, how comes that suddenly all the ministries now show their “interest” for the family, offering gifts and promotions and making (false?) promises? Or is it that the government is only trying in this way to disguise their zero policy, which is implemented in the daily sweep operations, expulsions, hellish torture and detention of refugees and immigrants everywhere? We also wonder how comes that suddenly for all the media yesterday’s “illegal immigrants [lathrometanastes=clandestine immigrants]” are today’s “refugees”?

We are refugees of a war that has been exported against us and we demand all the rights we are entitled to in accordance with international treaties on refugees. Those rights are: asylum for all refugees, protection of our lives, shelter for families and for unaccompanied minors, medical care for all etc.

We also demand:

  • that the government stops playing the philanthroper and assumes its obligations towards refugees and immigrants.
  • that particualr media stop disturbing the troubled and shocked family in the hospital and respect their situation.

March 31, 2010, Athens

Afghan refugees in Greece

3 Responses to “Afghan refugees in Greece on the Patissia bomb explosion.”

  1. hi..what is the problem with us…we are not animale we also like to to live like u…we only want a good and peacefull place…untill we dont know about our parents that where are thay…plz help us we want’s help…is there any one to help us???every one treat with us like animals are we animals???plz do some thing for us…i am in greece i have no place to sleep we dont have food to eat…my age is 15 in this age i am in difficulty.plz we are human and is there one to show there humanity…ohh god…hope that u will take an action for this…….from afghanii in greece…god bless u

  2. vicki said

    There is food at Caritas, Kapadistirou 52 near Omonia. Come early like at 9 or so and wait in line. Ask how to get a ticket. There are some other services there. Let them know you are 15. They have showers and clothing days for men and women, different days.

    Also there is food every day of the week at Sofokleous Street close to Pireos. Get in line about 2 o’clock. If there is enough food you can go through the line again after most of the people have been served. It is called Church in the Streets. It is from the Anglican and Orthodox Churches. I will be there today handing out forks and knives or spoons.
    God bless you. I will pray for you and all of the refugees.

  3. Themis said

    there are many people who care and pray for you. You can also find food, a place to shower, clothes and friendly people at Helping Hands on Sofokleous 53. It is across the street from the municipal feeding.

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