Migration and Struggle in Greece

More cases of racist police violence in Igoumenitsa

Posted by clandestina on 23 March 2010

source:, thanx to Ben for his help with this post.

photo from athens indymedia

photo from athens indymedia

On March 10, Igoumenitsa port police beat an innocent immigrant with their clubs in the port area of Igoumenitsa. The man sustained serious injuries in the attack.


This followed a similar incident where police harassed two men seeking assistance at a local health centre. The men were tormented and pushed around by the policemen who informed them that they could not use the services at the health centre and that it was “not a health centre for them”. 

The small town of Igoumenitsa has been known in the past for its racially motivated attacks on immigrants. One such attack occurred on an immigrant with severe health problems who was unable to defend himself when police set their dogs on the man (Police brutality once more in Igoumenitsa: Cops let loose their dog against immigrant).

The attacks continue, and as recently as last Wednesday, when an immigrant disembarked a ferry from Italy and was met by waiting port policemen.  

It is alleged the man had been beaten by both the Italian police and security thugs aboard the ferry, before being handed over to the Greek police for further punishment. His injuries were so severe that his internal organs had been seriously damaged by the repeated beatings. 

The situation in Igoumenitsa is out of control with local police using racially motivated violence in a display of abuse against these people’s basic human rights. The Igoumenitsa police continue to raid the immigrant settlement near Ladochori and on March 4 violently attacked six immigrants and left them with serious injuries.  

solidarity assembly banner@2nd of March rally

Igoumenitsa may be an isolated provincial town and the local police may believe their crimes will remain unknown, but they are wrong. Those people in solidarity with immigrants from Western Greece now monitor the situation and speak out against the abuse of innocent people. As the protests on March 2 have shown, nothing will remain in darkness.  

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  1. Ivo said

    I’m a bulgarian boy who studies in italy.This august I took the ship from igumenitsa to ancona and I had problems with the police of Igumenitsa. After asking my italian girlfriend for a passport and after I replied that she’s italian and she doesn’t need any passport to travel in europe, two guys that didn’t even toll me their names, took a part my car, forced me and my girlfriend to take everything out of the car and put it on the ground (on the asfalt where all the dog’s pee and car oil stains were) and to stay there and not move while they were doing the so called “police control”. They treated us bad without any respect even if we haven’t done anithing wrong, when I asked them if there was any problem, one of them came to me verry agressive and told me to “shut up” and to not do anithing otherwise he was going to “arrest” me. After that one of the guys came with a dog and searched the car. after not finging anithing (it was obvious that we were not having any drugs, but their point was to treat us bad and waste our time) I asked one of them if we are clean and they finished the control if they can please let us go, because we were loosing the boat, and he told me that “I don’t have to worry about the time, because I’m going to miss that boat for shure” and with a big smile on his face called the other guy told him something in greek and after leaving the dog, entered again in my car and started to open every kind of plastic and finishing of the car. he took of my documents and smashed them with his foot, he throwed away all our food, broked some of our accesories in order to see if there were any drugs and continued throwing out of the car our items while the other one was laughting. for them was a joke breaking our things and treating us bad. Than they moved to the baggage and opened and throwed out everything, even the dirty clothes, one of them took out all of my girlfriend’s dirty panties and underwear and tooked a “cloese look” of them while the other one was laughting. So after 45 min they stopped another car and told me that I can go, so I went to my car and it took me 20 min to put all the stuff wright over, and picking up my clean clothes from the dirty asfalt. I had to throw in the garbage all the broken things and I had to endure all this arrogant behavior. I’ve never been treated so bad and disrespectful in my life without no reason. I know that my story is nothing in compare to the people that lost thair lives in that port, but I wanted to share it with u in order to let u know that thay treat bad even people that have all legal documents. and I can’t even go and report this, because nobady told me who were those people that one of thame was not with in uniforme.

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