Migration and Struggle in Greece

One more case of incrimination against immigrants

Posted by clandestina on 18 March 2010

Source of this article athens indymedia

– many thanks to Ben for his help with this translation

On March 10, a Sans Papier from Guinea found himself in Amerikis Square in downtown Athens. He had arrivied in Greece one week earlier and was looking for a better life.

He, like the countless number of refugees before him, was seeking refuge from a country torn apart under colonialism.

The man came to Amerikis Square on March 10 to meet with fellow compatriots and learn from them about life in Greece, to learn about life as an unwelcomed guest. He would soon learn this difficult lesson the hard way, he would learn that rather than assist these people in need of help, the police hunt for those without papers and those seeking asylum.

Coincidently, the police launched an anti-drug operation in Amerikis Square on March 10, against the drug dealing, of course, the police themselves are not involved in.

After seeing the police conducting their “anti-drug operation”, the man from Guinea panicked and fearing arrest, he ran, only to be caught and handcuffed moments later.

The man’s compatriots searched for him tirelessly for two days, checking local police stations and elsewhere.

He was eventually located but had been charged with a criminal offence relating to a bag of hash found by the police under a bush in Amerikis Square during their raid.

The police, looking to declare their anti-drug operation a success, charged the man for the bag of hash, even without proof it belonged to him.

The man came to Greece seeking a better life but thanks to the Greek police was now a “drug dealer”. This just goes to show that asylum seekers in Greece will, as the racist slogan goes “never be Greeks”.

Assembly for Solidarity to Immigrants


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