Migration and Struggle in Greece

Demonstrations in Thessaloniki and Komotini

Posted by clandestina on 19 February 2010


…s/he supports crucially public insurance funds and banks by working informally and buying revenue stamps.

Now there is a chance that s/he will be granted citizenship, by paying 1.000 € to file an application (=hundreds of millions channeled into state funds), which will be pending two years, during which the applicant must not be convicted of resistance to authority or giving refuge to immigrants without papers; s/he must also sit succesfully a test on “civil conduct”, be checked for not posing “risks to public order and national security “… S/he is  ready, steady, legal and with appropriate social conscience!

Saturday, February 20, 1.00 pm Kamara, Thessaloniki


They left behind wars, juntas and devastated countries.  They sold their belognings in order to pay the traffickers.  Some people die at the border (30 deaths in the Aegean in 2010), some are stacked in detention centers. Wednesday, February 3: Revolt breaks out in the detention center in Venna. Friday, February 5: without a lawyer and an interpreter, 42 refugees were sentenced to imprisonment and deportation.

DEMONSTRATION  AGAINST REFUGEE CONCENTRATION CAMPS, Saturday, February 20, 1.00 pm Komotini, Thrace.

Group of Immigrants and Refugees / Clandestina Network

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