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A brief outline of the solidarity in France with the Vincennes detention center prisoners in trial and against all sort of prisons

Posted by clandestina on 16 January 2010

A brief outline of the solidarity in France with the Vincennes detention center prisoners in trial and against all sort of prisons

On January 25th, 26th and 27th, ten former detainees of the Vincennes detention centre will be tried for a revolt.

During the first semester of 2008, revolts repeatedly occured in the Vincennes detention centre, a place where undocumented foreigners are locked up pending their deportation. On June 21st, a detainee died due to lack of care. The next day, the centre was burnt during a revolt. Later, a number of detainees were arrested and accused of arson and aggression against police officers. Most of them have been in preventiive jail for eight to twelve month.

A solidarity week is set from January 16th to 24th.

In solidarity with the rebellious of the Vincennes retention center who will be in court on January 25th, 26th, 27th 2010, for burning their prison during a revolt in June 2008. Here is a very brief outline of the solidarity actions (far from complete for reasons linked to translation).

– September 9th, Paris : Triple escape from the Vincennes retention centre.

– September 19th, Paris : Two ATMs of La Poste (a public french bank which denounces sans-papiers to the pigs) are set on fire in solidarity with the revolt of Vincennes.

– September 22th, Paris : 9th district’s Red Cross building : all windows are smashed with graffiti on the walls… « deports sans-papiers », « smash the collaborators »

– November 5th, Paris : Bouygues windows are smashed in the 15th district. The graffiti « builds prisons » is left behind.

– November 5th, Paris : One van and a truck of the ISS get their tires slashed. In solidarity with the struggle against the new retention center in Steenoekerzel, Belgium, where the ISS is working.

– November 14th, Paris : 10th district’s Red Cross building : « Red Cross collaborators » and « Fire to the retention centers » are painted on its outside surface. Also, the library of the french anarchist federation (wich made a flyer where they propose solutions to humanize prisons) receives a visit with these graffiti : « FA collaborators », « Dirty traitors » and « FA wants to humanize prisons, let it burn with them »

– December 7th, Lyon : ATM and windows of a BNP bank are destroyed against the deportation machine.

– December 9th, Paris : Banners hung denouncing the BNP and La Poste banks, which collaborate with the deportation machine : « Destruction of the Detention Centers », « Let’s sabotage the deportation machine », « Long life to the fires of revolt », « These banks denounce the sans-papiers. Down with the collaborators », « Solidarity with the rebellious of the Vincennes detention center ».

– December 10th, Paris : A bulldozer of an Eiffage (prison builders) building site is set fire to. You can still see its charred carcass on the building site of the tram at the level of porte Saint Mandé in Paris. In solidarity with the prisoners in struggle here and elsewhere and with those accused of the torching of the retention centre in Vincennes.

– December 12th, Paris : A walk in Belville, behind the banner “Freedom for all, with or without papers“. About 30 people stuck up posters during the walk, in the Belville, Menilmontant and Couronnes areas. Some tags are also left there on bank windows « they denounce sans-papiers »

– December 16th, Paris : Alain Derbesse’s architectural office, in 14th district, is attacked. Two fires are lit. This office has already built the Detention centres of Vivonne and le Havre. It also built the prison of Mans, a Police Central station and renovated a law court building.

– December 21th, Paris : According to the corporate media, the government’s immigration office has a large number of doors and windows smashed. The tag « Fire to the retention centres » is left behind. They also mention an attack on the same office in Lille, in October.

– December 22d, Grenoble : Bouygues shop windows are broken and a tag is left behind : “ Bouygues builds prisons“. This shop has been attacked several times.

– December 23rd Paris : A walk, tags and posters in the Barbes and Goutte d‘Or area. On banks that denounce the sans-papiers and other targets one could read : « Fire to all prisons ! », « La Poste denounces sans-papiers ! », « the BNP denounces sans-papiers to the police », « cops are pigs » in front of the main police station of the area, « estate war = war on poor » on a real estate agency, and « cops, pigs, murderers » on a school in front of a police station in Goutte d‘Or, and more…

Thousands of flyers and brochures are given to the passing people and slogans are shouted, such as « freedom for all, with or without papers » and « cops, pigs, murders »…

– January 1st, Paris : After midnight, fireworks and firecrackers are launched around the detention center of Villepinte and the detention center of Vincennes, accompanied with shouts of « freedom ! », to greet those locked up.


You can also find a new brochure online, which makes a review of all the known companies that profit of this detention system and collaborate with it – localy, or internationaly. Here:

Reproduction and distribution of this text on blogs and indymedia everywhere deeply recommended.


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