Migration and Struggle in Greece

undeclared blood

Posted by clandestina on 2 November 2009

In the last few days the mass media  in Greece have been producing all kinds of elaborate arguments in favour of the young police woman who was critically injured by the bullets of some obscure urban gorilla group.

There has been much more blood shed than that in Greece , much more. Blood that remained in the shadow of public attention.

Some horrible reminders:

At least eight refugees (women and children) drown in the Aegean – one more unspeakable tragedy

Immigrant victim of police torture passes away in Athens

Greece: 5 immigrants murdered in one year, 50 in the last decade

(and in the Mediterranean The massacre continues: 459 deaths in the first 6 months of 2009)

plus the horrible deaths at work, the so called “labor accidents” (many immigrants among them) – list “brought to attention”  by Alice’s blog).

According to the Labor Inspectors, the following fatal industrial accidents have been officially recorded in the last 10 years   :

• 2000 127 accidents
• 2001  188 accidents
• 2002  153 accidents
• 2003  145 accidents
• 2004  127 accidents
• 2005  111 accidents
• 2006  128 accidents
• 2007  115 accidents
• 2008  142 accidents
• it is estimated that in 2009, 57 people lost their lives at work.

1293 dead workers

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