Migration and Struggle in Greece

Survivor of boat-accident imprisoned in Pagani!

Posted by clandestina on 28 October 2009

Report from Lesvos antira ’09.  Links to posts of this blog with frequent updates and photos on Lesvos situation are on the right sidebar.

10 people survived boat accident

Published on 27. October 2009.
A boat with 18 refugees drowned tonight close to Lesvos, Greece. This is what the Media reports about.
18 refugees crosed the sea between Turkey and Greece with a Boat. The sea was very stormy tonight. The boat crashed against a rock and the boat drowned. Some fisherman rescued them, for eight people the rescue came to late.
The Media makes it look like there has been a storm tonight. But in fact the sea was very calm around Lesvos.
Our source in Lesvos reported that some of the survivors are still in the hospital, the minors are accommodated in a Hotel in Mytilini, Lesvos and one man is in Pagani.
My name is Arif Khani Soldier. My wife, my daughter and me survived the accident. My family is in the hospital but they brought me here to the prison. I can not see or talk to them.

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