Migration and Struggle in Greece

Nigerians protest against the police in Thessaloniki

Posted by clandestina on 14 October 2009

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Nigerians are infuriated because of the indifference of the Police

the Nigerian community in Thessaloniki is in ferment after the death of a 38 year old fellow Nigerian immigrant  who was hit by a car and died helpless on the pavement.

The 38 year old Victor Entokpai lost his life while going to work in the industrial area of Sindos at dawn last Friday and his compatriots, friends and relatives, denounce police’s inaction and racist behavior.

“If we hadn’t been Nigerian immigrants, the police would have reacted more quickly.  Now I think that they are indifferent ” said his widow Sandra,  Sandra, who arrived at the Thessaloniki courthouse holding in her hands her three minor children. “All I want is to find and punish the driver who dragged and left my husband,” she said.

Along with 40 other community members went to court not only to protest for Viktor’s death, but also to show their  solidarity to another community member who allegedly beat a police officer during an stop-and-search.  Brought against the prosecution for “mere bodily injury”, “contempt and resistance. Referred to the flagrant Three-Member Criminal Court where requested and obtained a postponement.

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