Migration and Struggle in Greece

At squares and workplaces anti-immigrant police operations continue

Posted by clandestina on 30 September 2009

Athens Indymedia users have been reporting lately the increased police presence – cops in uniforms and undercover ones – in one more area of the center of Athens, Vathi Square. One police mini-bus, full of immigrants, presumably to de deported, was spotted. The square already seems “evacuated” and it is possible that the young-aged undercover cops operating there are paving the way for pogroms in the nearby area.

Other Athens Indymedia users report that more and more police operations (document checks) now take place in workplaces, like construction sites, as well as at streets and squares around Greece where immigrants stand everyday early in the morning waiting for someone to hire them for one day’s work (in farms, construction sites, etc.). There has been reports of such incidents in Athens and Heraclion, Greece. This period is ideal for cops to start entering workplaces since Union representatives are preoccupied with election campaigns of their affiliate parties.

sources in Greek:

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