Migration and Struggle in Greece

Arrests of sans papiers in Ileia, Peloponnese and Ipeirus

Posted by clandestina on 4 September 2009


41 undocumented immigrants from Iraq, Afganistan and Palestine were arrested the night before yesterday in Ileia, Peloponnese (the prefecture which lays  next to Patras’ prefecture in the south).  They had paid 1,000 – 1,5000 euros each to be transported by a little fish-ship to Brindesi, Italy.   After the ship-owners abandoned them at the shore at the Katakolon area, they tried to hide but were reported and arrested.

Some hours later, in the nearby area of Lehena, Ileia, Peloponnese, 21 refugees from Palestine were arrested.

In two days, 2 and 3 of  September, 137 immigrants were arrested in Ipeirus region, in northwestern Greece. source:

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