Migration and Struggle in Greece

Arson attack against Fabrica YFANET squat, Thessalonik

Posted by clandestina on 25 July 2009


squat website:

Yfanet's door, photo from Athens Indymedia

Yfanet's door, photo from Athens Indymedia

Today Saturday morning at 5.05, some thugs positioned an arson mechanism on the iron main gate of the Fabrika Yfanet occupation. They left a bag with 6 gas cans, 1 4-liter petrol canister and a box of fire-starters.

The explosion came to the attention of the people who are inside the occupation and on standby after the latest threats to repress squatted sites. Immediately we came out and with the help of neighbors we put down the fire, while no damage was done.

Worth noting is the ‘quick mobilization’ of the police, as after 6 minutes from the explosion 3 patrol cars, 1 conventional police car with normal plates and one jeep came and started moving in close range. The jeep as some point stopped and cops started to provoke..

After 20 minutes two squads of riot police came up the corner of Katsimidi st. and Egnatia st. and continued to provoke. Other people was informed with telephones and came quickly.

It is the second attack against an occupied space in Thessaloniki within 4 days (the first was the occupied railroad car of Radio Revolt within the universities).

Nothing can decrease the determination by which we will defend the places where we live and breathe.

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