Migration and Struggle in Greece

Immigration in the Greek military agenda

Posted by clandestina on 8 July 2009

Athens. Greece’s government council for foreign policy and defense (ΚΥΣΕΑ) is to hold a meeting on Wednesday to discuss illegal immigration, Greek ANA-MPA agency reported.
At the meeting, which will be chaired by Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis, the council is expected to allow the use of Ritsona drill ground as a center for accommodating illegal immigrants before their repatriation.


Apart from the above, the agenda of the meeting and the ways “domestic” and “geopolitical” issues pertaining to immigration interweave are absolutely terrifying (info from this eleftherotypia article).

The military wants to form a new – military, of course – service to guard Greek sea borders; the Port Police do not want to compromise their jurisdiction, yet, they are said to acknowledge that they cannot cope with immigrant flows.

The issue of Greek military’s “humanitarian” missions in NATO war fronts (in the countries of origin of refugees, that is) will be dealt.  NATO puts pressure to the Greek government to contribute more (…).  The issue for the Greek government is… to return to a previous regulation under which its military expenditures do not appear in the state’s annual budget (so that theeconomy’s indices look better vis-a-vis the forthcoming elections and to the EU’s superintendence).   In a similar vein, the minister of defense put pressure on the EU to exempt the military (“humanitarian”) expenditures from the calculation of the trade deficit, since much of it is due to these military expenditures.

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