Migration and Struggle in Greece

Youth left center attacked by fascists in Salonica before antifascist week across Greece

Posted by clandestina on 6 July 2009

Source: article submitted by the author taxikipali on July 5 2009.

photo: Athens Indymedia article

photo: Athens Indymedia article

Youth left center attacked by fascists in Salonica before antifascist week across Greece.

Sling, a youth center of the left in Salonica fell victim to a parastate-fascist attack in the run-up to a week of antifascist protest marches across Greece

In the early morning of Sunday 5/7 Sling, a youth left center in down town Salonica was attacked by a gas-arson mechanism planted by fascist-parastate elements in the run-up of the coming antifascist week that will see protest marches against the nazi onslaught against immigrants across the country. The attack, which failed to cause injuries and any serious damage, comes as a repetition of last years’ chain of gas-arson attacks against anarchist and left centers in Athens that left several political squats seriously burned. The attack took place in the same day that the official fascist party (LAOS) which holds a few seats in parliament announced its new policy of “patriotic attack”, promising 5-year employment of all unemployed people “of greek blood” in blackshirt paramilitary formations.

What follows is the communique of the Student Struggle Movements:

The Student Struggle Movements are denouncing to the greek people and youth the fascist attack on the morning of Sunday a little later than 3 am against the Youth Center “Sling” on Makriyannis street in down town Salonica with an arson mechanism. The Sling has been functioning only two months now with the the initiative of the Student Struggle Movements, a left struggling student collectivity, and has been set to the service of youth struggles against the system, its politics and “values” that it tries to impose on the youth. The attack is part of a strategy of tension of the capital and imperialism against the achievements of the people and its youth. It is especially part of a climate of terror and intensification of repression of the youth and the people
after the December explosion. Moreover it is part of a climate of xenophobia and racism that the imperialist EU and the parties of the big capital (New Democracy and PASOK) and their lackeys (LAOS) is trying to impose on the suffering workers of the country. The Student Struggle Movements, as part of the struggling youth and following its paradigm in the great struggles of the previous years, will not bow to this terror initiative. Along side the youth and the people we respond to the fascist attacks by intensifying our struggles –


The fascist-parastate act comes as a lone strike after two days of relentless radical attacks against State targets: the Institute of Immigration Policy, the Information Department of the Ministry of Interior, the Center of Strategic Planning, the Army Officer’s Club, and several offices of the governing party were wholly or partially destroyed between Friday and Saturday. The intensification of so-called anarchist ‘diffused guerrilla’ (in opposition to the Marxist armed guerrilla) has publicly ridiculed the Law and Order bragging of the more and more ultra-right government which is under increasing pressure of resigning.

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