Migration and Struggle in Greece

Investigation of Kuneva’s case is in effect about to cease.

Posted by clandestina on 17 June 2009

It seems that the ecase of the assault against Konstantina Kuneva will be placed in the archive, since the examiner charged with the investigation of the incident decided to terminate the main interrogation process.  Kuneva’s  lawyer, Kostas Papadakis, said to that today he handed a memorandum to the Chief Prosecutor of the First Instance Court and the Prosecutor of the Supreme Court.

“Such a development contradicts blatantly with the popular demand, expressed in many tenacious ways, within and outside Greece, for a thorough investigation and the bringing to court of those responsible for the assault” said the lawyers.

After meeting with pertinent  justice officials the lawyers Papadakis and Vagianou received assurances that investigation will continue.  Still if the prosecutor insists on the decision, the investigation will be seriously curbed.

info:  tvxs article

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