Migration and Struggle in Greece

126 refugees detained in Lesvos

Posted by clandestina on 15 June 2009

source: ANA –

126 illegal migrants detained

Coast guard units assisted by other European allies’ vessels operating within the Frontex initiative to boost cooperation amongst EU countries vis-?-vis border security intercepted 126 illegal immigrants in the sea region between the eastern Aegean island of Lesvos and the Turkish coast over the weekend.

In one instance, a vessel loaded with illegal immigrants heading for Greek territorial waters was intercepted by the French vessel “Zeppelin”, which detained the individuals and later transported them to the main port on Lesvos.

Specifically, 32 would-be migrants were detected off the northern coast of Lesvos, 28 men and four women.

In the sea region off Molyvos, off northwestern Lesvos, two plastic dinghies equipped with oars were found carrying 60 people: 45 men, seven women and eight minors.

An engine-powered boat was also detected in the same region carrying another 34 illegal immigrants: 24 men, four women and six minors.

All the illegal immigrants were taken to the reception centre for illegal immigrants in Pagani, after undergoing medical checks.

One Response to “126 refugees detained in Lesvos”

  1. Eleni said

    Its a shame what is going on there! i have no words for it…..

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