Migration and Struggle in Greece

PASOK: scary “zero illegal immigration” fantasies…

Posted by clandestina on 14 June 2009

PASOK ‘s plan for winning the next elections with the majority needed for forming a government with no need for coalitions: bargaining on anti-immigrant sentiments to attract xenophobic voters.



PASOK: 8-point plan for zero illegal migration

Main opposition leader George Papandreou outlined an eight-point plan for zero illegal migration in Greece, in an article appearing in the Sunday edition of Kathimerini newspaper.

According to Papandreou, the New Democracy (ND) government, in its five years in office, has lacked a migration policy. “The lack of such a policy by ND has made our society an open field. And we are all living this anomy. In Omonoia square, in the historic center of Athens In Kypseli and in Patras, from Agathonissi island to Aghios Panteleiomonas and so many other areas of our country,” Papandreou wrote, adding “this can’t go on”.

He charged that, instead of having a serious and responsibile policy on the issue, ND had opted for “spasmodic policies” for the sake of impressions, with vote-attracting aims, “which are based on intolerance and racism” rather than “a well[governed democratic state that guarantees the just state for every person”.

PASOK, he continued, has a specific plan regarding the phenomena of migration, political refugees and illegal migration, “a plan that ensures that the migrant in our country, the political refugee, will creatively contribute to our country’s development, prosperity, culture and its presence in international affairs”.

PASOK’s plan comprises eight points: zero tolerance for illegal migration, aimed at 0 percent illegal migrants; reinforcement of guarding of the country’s borders and strong demand in the EU for further funding and support for the protection of “our common borders”; implementation of the international and bilateral agreements, and particularly the Illegal Migrant Readmission Protocol that has been signed and was in the past applied with Turkey; drafting of a common humanitarian policy by the EU that will guarantee the equal assumption of the burdens regarding political refugees by all the EU member states, and not only by the countries of entrance of the refugees; clarification of Greece’s policy on refugees, speedy ruling by the Greek authorities on who is eligible for political asylum and on who is a non-legal migrant and should be readimitted to the country of origin; assimilation of legal migrants into the Greek society through serous policies on education, combatting black (uninsured) work, granting of citizenship to those who fulfill the requirements, and especially to second-generation youths; formulation and implementation of a planned policy to attract workers in sectors with large seasonal or more permanent needs, and a comprehensive approach to migration policy in Greece by a ministry with specialised services; and a special program for the reorganisation of the country’s cities and neighborhoods, with special focus on the neighborhoods that are turning into ghettos, through substantial public investments, a systematic housing policy for migrants, and guarantees for peaceful coexistence and social cohesion in the Greek society.

PASOK, Papandreou concluded, will continue its initiatives in that area. It will continue to unfold its polices on the issues faced by the Greek society, aiming at a well-governed state and the security and protection of the citizens’ human rights.

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