Migration and Struggle in Greece

Clashes and arrests around the Aghios Panteleimonas neighborhood in Athens…

Posted by clandestina on 10 June 2009

police protecting hrysi avgi

riot police protecting hrysi avgi

sources: athens indymedia article; article.


Yesterday afternoon anarchists and people in solidarity unlocked the playground at Aghios Panteleimonas, which had been sealed so that not to be used by the children of immigrant residents. The site was unlocked and people went inside to reclaim the playground in a neighborhood terrified by the interventions of fascists and extreme right residents. Texts were leafleted and discussions were held with the residents of the area.

[The Golden Dawn is primarily responsible for the mobilisation of extreme-right wing elements in the neighborhood of Aghios Panteleimonas, forming lightly armed “self-defense” groups purging immigrants from the area’s central square and attacking houses, burning down shops and community places of worship (mosques are illegal in Athens), smashing up public events, and targeting even the church of the parish, the largest in the country, which fell victim to fascist arson attack for providing support and supper for immigrants – see this post about it]

A group of fascists, chanting the Greek national hymn, along with their resident collaborators attacked the comrades verbally while the latter were leaving the place. The group of thugs attempted to approach the solidarity gathering but were repulsed, to find then refuge behind the riot police squad which suffocated the site with gases. A parent with his child remained in the area, resisted the right-wing thugs and refused to leave. The police arrested him ostensibly to ” protect him from the fascists” and led him to the Aghios Panteleimon police station .

The comrades left the place in an organized manner, taking it to the street for a solidarity march. About 150 meters from the Aghios Panteleimonas square in a narrow street leading to Patision Avenue a second riot police squad attacked the march. There were clashes with the riot squad and and the rest police forces which tried to encircle the lines of protestors. The latter entered then the ASOEE university building on Patision Aveue and the collisions ended.

Five protestors (apart from the parent) were arrested and were today to be brought to the Public Attorney- this will happen on Friday. Yesterday night people in solidarity were gathered outside the Police Headquarters in Athens were the arrestees were detained, and protested against the police provisionally refusing to allow them to see a lawyer.  The riot police assaulted those gathered in solidarity in front of the Athens courts today as well.

What follows is a view published in Uk indymedia.

Apartheid in the centre of Athens !!

It is unacceptable what is happening in St. Panteleimon play ground in the Centre of Athens. Not only is the most racist and xenophobic mood developed to the residents who often outraged by the degradation of their region, attack immigrants while they themselves are victims of neo-fascists organizations like Hrysi Avgi in fish cloudy water, but the fact that the official state acts against the law. The members of Hrysi Avgi with some local residents LOCKED a play ground for Children in the area , because the majority of the children there are immigrants !! During an attempt by anti racist organisations to reopen the Playground that was iligally locked, the police came to protect and help in fact the Neo NAZI organisation Hrysi Avgi..


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