Migration and Struggle in Greece

Arslan Tayfun Özkök’s has been refused asylum… the threat of extradition is imminent…

Posted by clandestina on 10 June 2009

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ceb1cf84ozkiokAthens, 4/6/2009

With summary procedures and on pretextual grounds the claim of ArslanTayfun Özkök for political asylum has been rejected.   The first instance decision was announced to him yesterday and a tight margin of 8 days was given to appeal the order.

It seems that the Greek government in this case demonstrates great haste and hurry to complete a summary case and  fulfill the request of the Turkish authorities for extraditing Arslan to Turkey – which is tantamount to sentencing him  if not to death, to incarceration for life  and subjecting him to the vengeful wrath of the Turkish law enforcement authorities.

The Network denounces any arrangements that could lead to the  extradition of Arslan Tayfun Özkök and calls for vigilance to prevent such a possibility.

No concessions and no human sacrifices on the altar of Greek-Turkish power equilibrium.

No to the extradition to Turkey

Arslan Tayfun Özkök should be released and granted political asylum now.

Network for Political and Social Rights –

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