Migration and Struggle in Greece

Call of the Initiative of Refugees, Immigrants and People in Solidarity for the 29th of May protest march

Posted by clandestina on 30 May 2009



The tearing of the Koran on Wednesday, 20th of May, is the peak of the iceberg that has been growing for years:

With the humiliating treatment of the immigrants by the racist mechanisms of the state,

With their miserable and inhuman living and working conditions,

With the continuous pogroms of the police against them on streets and squares,

With the humiliations and the murders in the queue of Petrou Ralli,

With the land workers in Manolada,

With the thousands of drowned in the waters of Aegean and the thousands of squeezed in the immigrant concentration camps.

With the trample of the Koran on Wednesday, 20the of May, this iceberg has turned into a volcano.

The immigrants have come out on the streets, like they have done before in other western cities, have clashed with the oppression forces of the democracy, have claimed their trampled dignity.

We stand next to them, in solidarity with every struggle they give for dignity and emancipation.

Beyond any religious and national divisions,

Solidarity with the immigrants! 

Initiative of immigrants, refugees and people in solidarity

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