Migration and Struggle in Greece

No Concentration Camp Nowhere! Demo at Patras against the construction of refugee camp

Posted by clandestina on 22 May 2009


no to concentration camps in MOMA, in Drapano, nowhere... no to the destruction of refugees'last resorts

no to concentration camps in MOMA, in Drapano, nowhere... no to the destruction of refugees'last resorts

A demo took place yesterday in Patras called by Antiauthoritarian Movement, ΝΑΡ, νΚΑ & ΕΕΚ against the under construction refugee concentration camp at the area MOMA at Patras and the demolition of the Patras port refugee camp (this means that the police today attacked both Afghans at the Port refugee camp and Roma people at the new camp construction site area, source: patras indymedia).  Here is the call for the demo in Greek.   A report from the demo said it was a succesfull one and lasted almost 4 hours covering a long distance in Patras.  Despite the constant attacks by the police, the tightening of surveillance and the pressures by various sides which have made many immigrants reluctant to fight against this development, many immigrants joined the demo.  

Below is a text in English from Patras indymedia about the demo and the developments there, source: here.

What is happening and will happen these days and weeks with Immigrants and Refugees in Patras

Until the end of this month, the government has announced new decisions for Patra and Immigrants. After pressure from local authorities, media, racist people, police and port police, the government decided to clear the city from immigrants, from you, in order to satisfy all the previous. So, for the next days and until the end of this month the police forces are planning arrests of migrants/refugees without papers and to transfer them in a army-camp, about 6-8 kilometers out of Patra. This camp will be closed with fences, controlled by the police, meaning that the immigrants will be like prisoners, until the time to deport them. At the same period, the places/camps where Afghans, Somalians, Arabs and other immigrants live now, will be destroyed. The authorities promise that in the new camp they will provide food, water and cleanness. But what’s the worth of that, neither papers and job nor freedom they give to immigrants. And referring to the conditions inside the new prison camp, it is just lies. As we can see from other detention centers in Greece, after some weeks the arrests are increased, the prisoners inside the camp are increased, with final result the immigrants to be piled on each other, like animals. Also, the police and the port police will be increased, in order to make more arrests and locate the immigrants that go inside the port and the tracks.

It is obvious that all these decisions are against you. They just want to make you disappear, because for all these people you are just a problem in their feet. Not only in Greece, but also in every country in Europe. Most countries have started the same effort to get rid of the immigrants, by jailing and deporting them , by denying to offer them any type of help. All countries, and Italy and France and England and Germany…..ALL! So, the war for you is everywhere, not only in your homeland.

a refugee hit by car.  despite his condition he followed the demo.  in the background the barbwire fences of Patras port

a refugee hit by car. despite his condition he followed the demo. in the background the barbwire fences of Patras port

What we propose to do these days and weeks

Because of all these things, we must finally react, fight, if we want to hope for a better tomorrow for us and for our children. To react all together, Afghans, Somalians, Palestinians, Iranians, Moroccans, Algerians, Tunisians, Iraqis, Africans, Greeks, all. Not each one alone, no more fighting between immigrants. All together we stand, we are many, we have common needs, we are equal. We react all together, because if we not, then we are all going to lose. This is what we propose for the next days: We propose to have a meeting all together, to discuss and to take decisions on how we will react to the future that they prepare for immigrants without asking them. We have nothing to lose, neither you nor we.

Who are we that we say these things and what we have done in the past.

We are students, workers, unemployed, common people that we have papers, but our freedom is half freedom, when the people next to us are like prisoners, without freedom, like immigrants are. As you don’t have home, job and rights, in the same way our home, jobs and rights are in doubt every day. These people who chase you, put you in prisons, make laws against you, deny you every right in decent and respectful life, these are the same people who put in doubt and attack our rights and needs. So this is a common struggle for our rights, our needs, our lives against those who contestate and steal them. We want equal rights for all, and for you also. The enemy is common, the needs are common, so and the fight must be common. We believe that we are not different from you, that you deserve the same rights (education, work, insurance, medical care). We are against human to human exploitation, we express our solidarity to/with anyone who gets oppressed and resists to this oppression. We do not ask for your votes and we do not aim to take votes by helping you. We are common young people, workers and unemployed, ready to stand side by side with anyone who resists, reacts and fights. We will stand next to you, not behind you, not in front of you. We are equal, we decide all together.

Last year we resisted together with the Afghan Camp against its destruction, we provided as much material, medical, educational and legal support as could. We tried through demonstrations, open discussions, concerts to make the voice of the immigrants for dignity and freedom gets heard.

DEMONSTRATION ON 21st of May, meeting at 7.00, Olgas Square

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