Migration and Struggle in Greece

The UNHR complaints about the new draft law on asylum procedures

Posted by clandestina on 18 May 2009

Greece means Police for asylum seekers – we knew that already. It is getting even worse.  This is a translation of an Eleftherotypia article



They forgot their commitments 

One month ago speaking to the «Eleftherotypia»  Mrs Feler, Deputy United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, explained that the key recommendation to the Greek government is to abolish the police-centeredeness of the asylum system. 
«The police has a large number of interests to protect which may differ from the protection of refugees.  The police is about enforcing law and protect against the violations of the law, the refugees who have no documents are in a sense outside of the law.  It causes much difficulty to put the police in a conflict of interest … » she told us.  We hope to improve the asylum process, a commitment the Ministry of Interior has made. 

One month was enough for the minister to forget his commitments. Under the new draft presidential decree prepared, the process is now completely police – centered since the decision to grant political asylum is transferred from the central government ministry to 54 police departments in the country. What is mor, the second degree examination of asylum requests is abolished, denying asylum seekers the right to appeal, by lowering the Appeals Commission, which is kept in force for those who have already submitted applications, from a decision to an advisory body. «The proposed changes could undermine a fair examination of asylum requests, according to European and international standards» says the UNHCR. 

Concern has been also expressed for the fact that the armed forces, particularly the Navy, will be taking part in the new National Co-ordinating body established for the «war on illegal immigration».

[about this militarizing development, see here]

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