Migration and Struggle in Greece

The mathematics of “illegal immigration”

Posted by clandestina on 2 May 2009

“The Mathematics of “illegal immigration” ”  is an article by the Initiative of Refugees, Immigrants  and Solidarios.   More on the issue of “sans papiers” numbers in this post


According to the bourgeois press ( ), the Greek state is to request assistance in dealing with the ever growing waves of «clandestine immigrants» [the term used by the newspaper is the racist one “lathrometanastis”], since it is the Greek state, as one of the gateways to the western world, that is required to «receive » and « return» them. 

This “assistance” will be of course limited to the measures of expulsion and in particular aimed at reducing the cost of deportation, which amidst the economic crisis is deemed too heavy by the western “humanitarians”.
After the intense exploitation of immigrants over many years both in Greece and other European Union countries, the time has come for the expulsion of them in even greater numbers  (in Greece it is estimated that the number of “sans papiers”reached 400,000 in 2009).  In this context,  with the broad cultivation of insecurity sentiments (about jobs and other issues) among the Greeks, the rational management requires more expulsions to consolidate at every opportunity not only the Security State regime, as immigrants are again more and more associated with delinquency and the fear of crime (http:/ /, but also the «protection» of [Greek] jobs and diffuse racism. 

These calculations indicate that for the bosses deportations are more profitable or cost-reducing even than the mass entry and unconditional exploitation of immigrants, and the only thing that has to be resolved now is the cost of the thousands deportations pending.

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