Migration and Struggle in Greece

Organised racist assaults against Pakistanis in Athens neighborhoods

Posted by clandestina on 27 April 2009


Info and photo from this enet article.


They set up blocades and injured  at least 19 Pakistani immigrants during the last 15 days [note: the article appeared on Friday the 24th of April].  The gangs commited more than 30 attacks in the Athens neighborhoods where the Pakistanis live almost three decades now [note: the Pakistanis’ arrival precedes the main influx of immigrants to Greece of the early ’90s]: Nea Ionia, Kalogreza,  Galatsi, Perissos, Heraklion.  The report by representatives of the Pakistani community add that  the whole thing was organized by two groups using cars and motorbikes, at the time of day they know the Pakistanis set off from their homes to the fleas markets they work.

An antiracist demonstration was called by the Pakistani community in Nea Ionia last Sunday afternoon.

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