Migration and Struggle in Greece

Not only Alexis Grigoropoulos died on the 6th of December.

Posted by clandestina on 29 March 2009

This post is about the tragic conclusion of one of the victims of the Petrou Ralli continuous crime.  It is a rough translation of this blog post.  


A 24 year old Pakistani died at dawn of Saturday the 21st of March after three-months of fighting for his life. Mazir was in a comatose condition  in the General State Hospital of Nikaia in Athens since the 6th December, when he was found in a ditch, 600 m. away from the Asylum Police at Petrou Ralli.

Although there were no eyewitnesses, something weird happens at Petrou Ralli. Within two months there have been three deaths at the same spot, on the same weekday (Saturdays: 25th of October , 6th of December, 3d of Janouary) and at the same time of day (dawn). Witnesses have reported that they last saw the victims running to escape from police pursuit.


Each Saturday at dawn thousands of refugees gather at Petrou Ralli, expecting to receive the so-called “magic ticket” that books an appointment with the Asylum police service to submit their application for political asylum. The officers of the police station in their effort to impose order resort to their usual methods.

The authorities issued a notice for the first of the three deaths, according to which the 25 year old Pakistani who died on the 25th of October fell to the ditch because he lost his orientation and balance while trying to find a place to urinate. No other statement has been issued.

The phenomenon of impunity and its consequences is something we know very well in Greece. This impunity was one of the reasons for the outbreak of violence last year.
If the government continues to treat this way the people who come asking for help, the rebellion of the Paris Banlieus will be nothing compared to what will happen in Athens.
For how long will immigrants be patient?

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