Migration and Struggle in Greece

“Man bites dog”, still it makes no news – Municipality of Athens journalist stabs Nigerian immigrant

Posted by clandestina on 23 March 2009

The silence over this is nothing more than an orchestrated cover-up (self-cencorship does the job as good…]. We translate here the article of the Assembly of the Occupation at the Association of Journalists of Athens [ΕΣΗΕΑ] blog .


Nigerian stabbed by Journalist

Last night a Nigerian stabbed  the colleague journalist Mr Giorgos Frangos near Omonoia square in Athens.  The situation in the district has gone out of control. Immigrants, drug addicts, drug dealers and all kinds of marginalized people terrify thelocal  residents who complain that the police is totally absent.

 With minor variations, this would work as the first paragraph for the usual sensation-seeking reports of mainstream media, with their bile analyseis, fascist rhetoric and inarticulate arguments, always ready to cry for more policing. IF indeed the facts were that way … 

They are not.  The journalist Giorgios Frangos, working for the press office of the Municipality of Athens, a close associate of the mayor of Athens N. Kaklamanis, and a sinecurist to at the Municipal 9.84 radio stations), who recently had «strange» dealings with right-wing groups, stabbed on last Tuesday evening a Nigerian immigrant. Despite his ridiculous claims that he was attacked by ten Nigerians with crowbars and knife, the charge on which he is now held in remand is unprovoked attack with a knife against the immigrant. 

Once the usual victim and culprit roles are reversed, the facts cannot be utilized in strengthening the media-promoted doctrine of insecurity (under which all kinds of violence are reported in the same way to promote terror-sensationalism), and this piece of news gets so much under-reported and downgraded, that it becomes not exactly news. Frangos has also  been awarded by the (Journalistic) Foundation Botsis, so guild  Omertà  is also to blame for the silence.

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