Migration and Struggle in Greece

About some recent racist assaults and the resistance in Aegaleo, Athens…

Posted by clandestina on 21 March 2009

let's put an end to the fascists - hands off immigrants! banner from the 7th of March protest  

We post with some delay on this, but the events in Aegaleo are and unfortunately will remain relevant for what is the everyday relation between the impoverished ones in poor urban districts across the Greek territory.   On Tuesday 3 and Thursday 5 of March a group of young Greeks held a series of racist attacks against Pakistani immigrants in Aegaleo, Athens. They beat and injured dozens of immigrants, two of whom got hospitalized. The beating and robbing of immigrants is not new in the area, where the last two years organized racist groups have made dozens of such attacks in the street or after invading the houses of immigrants.  The racist groups had been for long acting with no restrain from the police. On the night of Thursday March 5, however, the police identified and arrested three persons, two of which were identified by the victims of the attack They are now detained and waiting for the trial. Three immigrants were also led to the Police Station for carrying wooden clubs to defend themselves. .

Two days later, immigrants and antiracists gathered to protest against the rising of racist violence in the western districts of Athens. What follows is the translation of a brief analysis on the events by the Initiative of Anarcists in Aegaleo.


A few words about two remands

Two people, who had been beating and robbing Pakistani immigrants, were detained by authorities last week and are now waiting for their trial. The trial of the 3 Pakistanis on charges of possession of weapons has been postponed …

Racism, with its roots deep in xenophobic sentiments, creates a climate of social legitimacy for all kinds of expulsion against immigrants. The “foreigners” are the easy prey in neighborhoods defined by low class, such as Aegaleo: poverty and low delinquency finds on them a “painless” target.

On this basis, it is irrelevant whether the cruel and degrading attacks on immigrant emerge out of coherent Fascist and racist perceptions held by the perpetrators. They have all the characteristics of racist behavior and the social responses should be the appropriate for them.

On the other hand, the state comes to manage a situation, which is in fact promoted and fostered by the state itself in and through every structure it controls. The state is the pacemaker, it is the great Paradigm of racism. Yesterday it blandished the racist gangs, today it badgers them, tomorrow it will blandish them again, leaving narrower or wider windows for them to act, according each time to the social circumstances.

Both persons now in custody are themselves extremely poor, and therefore lacking the priviledge of luxury legal defense; they are also easy victims of the twists and turns of a racist government policy. In the Interwar perios, Wilhelm Reich had analysed with wonderful clarity this process in his book “The Mass Psychology of Fascism”. Slum masses do not always fight against the causes of their evils; instead, they often find an outlet for raw fascism in their fight against the “foreign” or the “national enemies”. So they opt for a racial war, which in the final instance serves the ones that rule over the misery of the impoverished.

Therefore, no court and no judge will ever eyewash those who oppose the roots of fascism and racism, which lay on the very structure of the State and its mechanisms.

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