Migration and Struggle in Greece


Posted by clandestina on 16 March 2009


Early on March 21, 1960, between 5,000 and 7,000 people converged on the local police station in the township of Sharpeville, South Africa to protest against Appartheid laws.  By 10:00 am, a larger crowd had gathered, and the atmosphere was peaceful and festive.  Despite this, the police and military used low-flying Sabre jet fighters to attempt to intimidate the crowd into dispersing, a tactic that had been successful at similar protests.   The police set up Saracen armoured vehicles in a line facing the protesters, and at 1:15 pm fired upon the crowd.  They continued firing even when the crowd had turned to run, and the majority of those killed and wounded were shot in the back.  The official figure is that 69 people were killed, including 8 women and 10 children, and over 180 injured, including 31 women and 19 children.

This historical snapshot of the most deadly segregation between people is not something of the past or of other continents: right now, right here, wherever you are in the EU-megastate, a new Appartheid regime is being raised around us, and people are murdered everyday trying to go through its walls….

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