Migration and Struggle in Greece

Murder at workplaces – Greek and migrant workers have their share of death

Posted by clandestina on 9 March 2009

One more migrant worker was killed on Friday the 6th of March afternoon due to the absence of protective measures in the construction industry. The deseased was a 23 year old builder from Syria.  He lost his balance and fell from the second floor of the building he worked on in the municipality of Kouloukonas in Rethymnon, Crete. He was transferred immediately to the Health Center of Anogeia but by then he had already passed away. 

 After the death of the worker, the contractor disappeared, while the Trade Union Center of Rethimnon simply expressed their regret and condemned – as usual – the government for the lack of audit committees to check at work sites.  This, in an area where informal (low paid, uninsured, unsafe) labour is the rule, as the Labour Inspection agency of the state itself admits.

source: Athens Indymedia article

 Yesterday, a 53 year old Greek who had been working at the “Chalyves Karali” steel factory near Larissa died of heart attack, caused by the work overload.  As the Union of Metal Workers of Larissa write, the father of two as well as his 60 fellow workers had been unpaid their regular wages for 3 months now, while overtime money had not been paid for several more.  

source: Athens Indymedia article

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