Migration and Struggle in Greece

Announcement of the Initiative of Refugees, Immigrants and Solidarios – “ASYLUM FOR ALL – CLOSE THE PETROU RALLI AND ALL CONCENTRATION CAMPS”

Posted by clandestina on 2 March 2009

queue at Petrou Ralli - photo from

queue at Petrou Ralli - photo from


We translate below the first announcement of the new Initiative of Refugees, Migrants and Solidarios which formed against the continuous crime the state and police commit at the Petrou Ralli ave. Asylum Police in Athens (read more about this here ).  The original post in Greek and other languages is at the Initiative’s blog  here.


We are an initiative of refugees, migrants and people in solidarity with them who do not want to remain silent about what happens at the refugees-immigrants concentration camp here at the AliensPolice in Petrou Ralli.   We are enraged by the brutality and injustice at the queues of the misery and inhumanity.  Any person with dignity feels that there can be no justice and freedom for anyone, if not for everyone.

We are enraged by this game set up by Greece and the rest of the European Union, with their wars and policies, leading millions of people from Asia and Africa to flee. It is exactly the same states which continue the same criminal policy against immigrants and refugees.  Here at the Petrou Ralli Aliens’ Police ” we understand clearly what this policy is about. It is about prisons, exploitation, torture, humiliation and murder. This is the same Policy which wants immigrants separated from each other, isolated from society, invisible so that no one knows what is happening here. 

We are here to break this silence, to let the whole world know the truth about what is happening at Petrou Ralli. 


We believe that we can build together, in Solidarity, in Memory, in Respect, in the common desire to live with Dignity in a world free of injustice and exploitation.  This is our strength. The common pathway begins with us meeting, finding ways to overcome difficulties and communicate. We contact each other, we learn from one another without the prejudices that divide immigrants-refugees themselves, which divide foreigners and locals, women and men. 
Fear can be overcome, we can build bridges and walk them together to assert what is ours. 
We believe that this is the way to change our lives. 

Initiative of Refugees, Immigrants and Solidarios 

2 Responses to “Announcement of the Initiative of Refugees, Immigrants and Solidarios – “ASYLUM FOR ALL – CLOSE THE PETROU RALLI AND ALL CONCENTRATION CAMPS””

  1. […] For the disgrace of the Immigration Department, where the queues for filing asylum applications equals to denial of access to asylum procedures and tramples human dignity, where in recent months three refugees have died during pursuits by the police [see here and here]. […]

  2. […] Here is the text in Greek and English at the Initiative’s blog.  Background info here, here and […]

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