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News about Konstantina Kuneva and recent violence and threats against members of the cleaner’s Union

Posted by clandestina on 19 February 2009


poster of solidarity with Konstantina, one of the many - this one from Chania, Crete

poster of solidarity with Konstantina, one of the many - this one from Chania, Crete

We haven’t published news about Konstantinas case in the English section of for some time – here is our last relevant post; what is certain is that the solidarity movement has been growing and that attention has been brought to the sub-letting barbarity… This is extremely important, since the efficiency of supposedly pertinent state agencies in defending workers against the most hideous violations of their rights is almost totally absent (see here an article – in Greek – about the institutionalised racism in Greece within and beyond the sphere of labour ).

We translate below a short announcement of the Aegaleo Anarchists’ Inititative about Konstantina’s health and more… By the way, the Aegaleo comrades did last week a very good job reporting directly and in “real time”   from the Petrou Ralli ave. Asylum Police around which the police has inflicted so much death and violence recently (here is the  post, in Greek, with some photos though) .

Konstantinas health has improved.  She is already able to speak through a machine, she can also stand upright and walk. The damage to her stomach and esophagus is severe though and she will need to have operations abroad.  There is a big problem with her insurance coverage of costs, and Constantinas economic situation is difficult. Financial assistance from the solidarity movement must continue. 
She has refused the proposal made by the parliamentary parties of the regime
s  left to stand in next parliamentary elections. She stated that her wish is not join any party and that she is only interested in her Union. 
Concerning  the Union
s activity and ongoings, there have been recently complaints to the Union about three Albanian women cleaners having been beaten by “unknown persons”, as well as about cleaners organized in the Union being stalked by “strange people”. 
As far as we are concerned we are just in the beginning of the struggle against the subletting of workers, the inhuman conditions in subcontracting companies, the modern forms of slavery, of which Konstantina
s case speaks.  This stake is ours, no matter how much social and political mediators have recently interfered to settle the issue along the line of perpetuating the existing condition.

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