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Chania Migrants on Hunger Strike – the settling of the Hunger Strikers’ residence permits issue…

Posted by clandestina on 6 February 2009

...we translate below a short announcement of the Crete Forum of Immigrants about the officialisation of the hunger strikers’ permits issue.

More about the course of the hunger strike here.

On 11 November 2008 15 migrants in Chania began a hunger strike, demanding that more documents may be accepted as proofs for the date of entry in Greece. They had been in Greece before the end of 2004, still, their applications for residence permits had been rejected on the basis of insufficient documentation.

After 26 days of harsch struggle, the Minister of Interior Affairs pledged to provide them with permits, by means of a Ministerial Decision.

Until Ferbuary the 3d, 2009, the Ministry kept a reassuring stance about the issue. The Crete Forum of Migrants communicated with the ministry almost daily.

On February the 4th the Forum was informed by the Ministry of Interior Affairs that the Ministerial Decision about the issue of the permits is to be published on the Government Gazette. The relevant article says that the Minister can command the issue of residence permits on the basis of health reasons, or special reasons.

The legal issue of the hunger strikers has been settled. What is even more important is that the precedent of this Decision is one more weapon that we can use when confronted with the same injustice.

In Chania, one of the gateways to Fortress Europe, a handful of people acheived a first crack therein.  A small but significant one.
We continue our fight, in even more organized ways, for the destruction of the Fortress.

Crete Forum of Migrants

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