Migration and Struggle in Greece

“Let them burn”- fire at the Patras port refugee settlement

Posted by clandestina on 23 January 2009


On Wednesday January 21, shortly after 7 pm, a fire erupted in the refugee settlement of Patras.  By 9.30 pm, the time when the fire was brought under control, nearly a third of the settlement, more than 60 buildings, were turned into ashes, including the Medecins sans Frontieres small clinic.   Roughly 500 refugees are homeless in the middle of the winter – if – of course – the huts of the settlement could ever be considered houses…

The fire causes are yet unclear.  Over the past few days the local media had been talking about possible accidents (because of the refugees stealing electricity from nearby cables)… 

Some of the nearby residents-property owners allegedly were shouting let them burn, discouraging the fire brigade from extinguishing the flames.  They were also spitting at the migrants from their housesbalconies…

photos and videos at Patras Indymedia

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  1. […] those residents kept shouting to the firefighters in Patras “let them burn” during the recent fire in the refugee camp because…becasue they are Christians […]

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