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Casualties at the inner city borders – 24 year old Hussein Zahidul dead near Athens Asylum Police.

Posted by clandestina on 8 January 2009


24 year old Bangladeshi Hussein Zahidul was found dead on Saturday, January 3, 2009. He is the second refugee to die since October near the Asylum Police Department in Athens. He was found dead in exactly the same ditch where Muhammad Asraf also lost his life on October 27, 2008, while trying to avoid an assault by the police, which frequently attacks the masses of migrants queuing to hand their asylum applications. Between the two killings two very serious incidents of harassment took place: on 28 November, 2008 the cops beat up Ahmed Azaz and broke his hand, while he was queuing at the same department. On the same day, the Pakistani Mazehar Iqbal fell in the same ditch; he is still in a comatose condition and hospitalized.

This is one more death inflicted by the ways police treat people in Greece, and one more act of violence against immigrants after the assault on Konstantina Kuneva.

No matter what the police claim about “accidents” the tragic events in the now infamous Petrou Ralli ave. department are no accident. The treatment of immigrants there is no accident. It is one more manifestation of the degrading ways the Greek police, the agency which in Greece is in effect assigned with processing asylum applications, treats them. Immigrants who want to hand their applications for political asylum have to wait virtually for days and nights (usually from Friday morning until the morning after, when the desk opens, to hand out 300 priority numbers for the up to 3000 (…) people waiting there. People spend the night there, and the police beats them brutally in order to silence their protests for the inhuman bureaucracy they have to face. This is the only desk which deals with this for the whole Attica prefecture and the region around it. For so many years, no measures whatsoever have been taken by the government to ameliorate this condition. Violence is the police killing machine’s answer to people who leave their countries because army killing machines, among them the Greek one, destroy their homes and prospects.



Info taken from this Athens Indymedia article.

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