Migration and Struggle in Greece

They reap what they sew – in Greece as in everywhere! December’s Insurrection

Posted by clandestina on 19 December 2008


Solidarity with the rebels. Immediate liberation of the arrested and detained rebels.

Read here about the arrests in Greece from Dec 6 to Dec 21.

After the police killing of 15 year old Alexis Grigoropoulos in cold blood, the underground stream of anger and indignation made its way to the surface. A disparate wave of – primarily but not exclusively – young people, who feel excluded, disappointed, oppressed, hopeless, broke into the streets. A generation of accumulated alienation, deprived of any means for expressing itself, deprived of any meaningful self-determination, at school, university, work.

The absolute scorn for human life and dignity on the side of the state’s power is not something new. The police has been training in “accidental killings” for many years now; its training targets had been migrants. And concentration camps are being constructed at every corner of Greece.

Factories close down one after the other, the high cost of living, unemployement and the privatization of education, the abolition of welfare state protection, the uncertainty for the future, this dreadful feeling that young people are growing in a world that is worse than the one their parents did, these have been the triggers of the insurrection.

The Greek state and its elites have been sowing hatred.

Now they reap it!

Read this announcement of the Albanian Migrants’ Steki for some initial thoughts about the migrants’ and refugees’ share of the revolt, and this Group of Migrants and Refugees announcement about the high price migrants and refugees pay from the Greek state’s prosecutory fury. The rebellion continues, a poster and a short announcement of the Open Assembly of Migrants and Refugees.

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