Migration and Struggle in Greece

Ηunger strike in Greek prisons suspended- Prisoners Committee statement

Posted by load78 on 30 November 2008

The following is a statement from the prisoners committee:

(Note: the statement was released on the 20th of November).

“We started our struggle 18 days ago. We, 10.000 prisoners, initially by mess abstinence, followed by hunger strike, fought against the misery of the Greek prisons and the Ministry of Justice’s indifference.

From tomorrow, Friday the 21st of November we, the prisoners in the country’s prisons, state that we suspend our struggle by ending our hunger strike.

The bill that the Ministry of Justice is bringing to the Parliament pertains to a few of our requests. The minister owes to materialize his promises about the immediate release of the number of prisoners that he announced. At the same time, he owes to take specific measures, concerning all of our requests. We, the prisoners, see this bill as a first step, a result of our struggle as well as society’s solidarity. However, we feel that this, in no way is a solution to our basic problems.

What we fought for was, above all, our dignity. And we are not willing to offer it to any minister or warder. We are not going to tolerate any arbitrariness, any convection based on revenge, any disciplinary action to scare us. We will continue to stand up.

We demand from the Parliament to totally abolish the limit of 4/5 regarding the penalty for various offences, to abolish the adding of disciplinary actions and the expansion of all favorable articles regarding leaves and release under condition from prison for all categories of prisoners. We also demand that the generic proclamations by the minister of Justice concerning the improvement of the conditions in the prisons (such as abolishing juvenile prison, establishment of rehab facilities, community work instead of prison, upgrade of the prison health system, integration of EU laws regarding prisoners rights into Greek law system etc.), to become laws during the next three months.

Finally, we would like to thank the solidarity movement, every organization, political party, media and people that stand for us in whatever way they choose and we declare that our struggle against the prisons/rubbish dumps of people and for our demands continues.

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