Migration and Struggle in Greece

Call for meeting in Athens against state’s repression of migrants and refugees

Posted by clandestinaenglish on 23 November 2008

Against state’s repression to migrants and refugees

Thousands lives of migrants are in everyday danger to frontier passages, police stations and refugee camps, not only in Greece but in every part of EU since decisions, such as European Migration Pact and Return Directive, eliminates legalization and promotes 18 months imprisonment for those who enter the EU without papers. This very moment, member states and their capital masters take an active role for policies that destroy the life in Africa and Asia. EU spends a lot for more refugee camps, FRONTEX’s operations and compulsory presence of migrants at neighboring states of EU, according to Dublin Regulations. Ultimate goal is to guard the borders. Its disguise is the protection of security and order of the most privileged European citizens from terrorist threats.

Governmental authorities exercise inhuman, racist and against to migrants policies in Greece. Deportation, encouragement of police violence and repression in general are their means to serve the interests of the capital and the state. These policies compel to hostage situation thousands of migrants and conclude to negative official decisions at refugees’ claims for the recognition of the refugee status. Now that dead bodies are found in Aegean and in Evro’s coasts, refugees are deported, thousands of migrants are hold in refugee camps and police stations and people are killed, silence and disregard means allowance.

It’s already been a necessity a common struggle to be formed from both migrants and refugees that could define its own independent class consideration, not a role for an intervener, to discredit actively state’s policies exploitation and consent. We believe that this is the only way to defend our lives and dignity. This way, we could prove that migrants can organize themselves and pretend to their rights, based on their needs and their will to change their lives. Nevertheless, there are a lot of examples that prove that migrants’ actions managed to hassle and rattle the state. We can only recall the last rebellion in prisons of Greece, with the great share of migrants and refugees.

We start our struggle, setting as immediate goal our demands for:

– police to be released from recognition of refugee status procedure
– open procedure of legalization without preconditions

– no border for all migrants and refugees

– not a single refugee camp

According to the above, we call for a second meeting at December 3rd at “Gefyra” (21 Sp. Trikoupi, Exarhia) all migrant and refugee groups and persons and those who want to express their solidarity, to put forward our practical proposals for the continuation of our struggle.

Migrants’ and Refugees’ Open Assembly

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