Migration and Struggle in Greece

We have nothing to celebrate, we have plenty to fight for!

Posted by clandestina on 9 November 2008



(announcement for the international migrants day)

We have nothing to celebrate, we have plenty to fight for!

  • The situation for us migrants hasnt changed that much since we first came here. One of our biggest problems is the residence permit: it takes so long to get one that we feel like we are being held hostages in this country. We cant be equal and free if we are being deprived of our basic rights. We demand unconditional residence permits for all, independent of insurance and municipal fees, right now!
  • Immigrant children who are born here in Greece face racism and discrimination as soon as are brought into the world. The Government probably considers them phantom children: They are not registered anywhere! The moment they become 18 years old, they are suddenly held to be migrants in their very birthplace. We demand the registation of all children with no discrimination, right now!
  • In the last years the right of political asylum in Greece for those who are refugees of war or political refugees has become a luxury. Last year only 0,2% of all applications were granted. We demand asylum status for all refugees, right now!

An undeclared war on the borders of Europe

  • In 2007 more than 180 immigrants and refugees lost their lives in the Aegean, as compared to 19 in 2006, a 10% rise in one year. More than 1500 lost their lives at the borders of the European Union in 2007 only!
  • These deaths are not accidents, they are murders. The EU declaration on the 50th anniversary of its founding (25th March 2007) reads: “We will fight terrorism, organised crime and illegal immigration together”.
    On the 27th March 2007, at the opening of the new premises of Frontex, which coordinates all EU activities related to border security, the implementation of an entry-exit” system was announced, which, by means of a biometric visa, would control foreign workers in the EU, as well as a common European Surveillance System, linking national surveillance systems, so as to be able to carry out both radar and satellite surveillance at European level. At the moment, FRONTEX has 21 airplanes, 27 helicopters and 116 ships at its disposal.
  • In September 2007, the Civil Liberties Committee of the European Parliament presented the “directive on the temporary custody and removal of illegal immigrants”, which extends the retention period of immigrants from three to eighteen months until their removal, i.e. deportation, and enforces a five-year re-entry ban into Europe.



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